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Teddy's idea was that the whole thing would take three guns at the most. Me, him, and Rachel. The cashier would go down first, that would be my job, his was to get to the safe in the back. Rachel would stand guard because a woman standing out there wouldn't draw as much attention. Teddy was the idea man. The problem is that real life doesn't have idea men, it has only opportunists. , I'm an opportunist. My name is Jake and I'm the Opportunity Man. He tripped and fell on the plush green carpet as the old woman lay there dying, bleeding into her sweater. Suddenly, Idea Man had lost his gun and the stack of bills. Suddenly, I was the only man in the room with a gun, and the only person in the world who would want to defend him had her back to me and was on the other side of a glass door.

Like I said, I'm an opportunist.





Sunday, February 20, 2005

Epoxy403 - Interracial Relationships

Epoxy403 - Interracial Relationships: "Part of the reason that people like personals-sites is that every single human being is a voyeur. We all want to assess without being assessed, that's why people put up fake pictures. It's the safety of not being judged. "

By Mr Stallone, no less.


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